Spiral 3 Episodes 9&10:Random chat vs. Posters on the forum:preparing for final two episodes 11&12 May 7th 2011 19:58pm

  • 7 May 2011 7:36PM

    “hey” (hoping “hey” is the same as in Danish!) i actually practised it a lot @ the time of the Killing. I so agree, being a romantic soppy kind, i really want them all to live happily ever after & in love…ahh, but too true, Spiral is unlikely to let that happen…or else it wouldn’t be Spiral?

    regarding the commas, i have no idea if i am really correct on that, i am sure some grammar savvy person can tell us whether if you put one comma in a sentence i believe you have to match it as a pair.? Believe me, this is the only rule of English grammar that (i think) i know! Hopefully nobody will be so cruel as to point out that this is obvious from my writing…

    You have seriously amused me with your potato head Gilou! He will be inextricably at the back of my mind now, especially , i feel when watching tonight. Indeed, whilst stabbing some potatoes for baking jsut now( curiously satisfying) i thought of you or rather you an potato head Gilou..(can you hear the rhyme? there is a love song in there somewhere..)
    As suggested by @NorthnSouth i could accept with equanamity i feel, a wide smiling Mr. Melon head figure, silent and manisfestly munificent in his elliptical largeness. He would sit easily on a seat, unlike the sticky situation of Gilou on a stick..

    The clue to the universe’s eternal conundrum surely lies in your problem of where to put his stick? Could this reflect i wonder, a subconscious throw of the id in reflecting our delightful Pierre’s very similar err sticky situation?!

    @Honukokua @System Addict
    sorry it was @System Addict who gave me the webiste address but thanks to both of you for the info. Yes, @Honukokua, i’ll have to take your word on that! Like your round up of characters and mostly agree but for Captain Pugwash who i distinctly remember from reading them as bedtime stories was always messing up!

    Apparently all the names in those books are rude, a fact i never noticed when reading them out, to small children-ooops.

    Nb. Not quite sure who King Rollo is? i reckon i musta missed these shows.

Spiral 3 :Preperations for final two episodes tonight @9pm:Episodes 11&12…May 7th 2011 15:39pm

  • @all:
    information on BBC4 TV re:
    Spiral final episodes tonight:
    Episode 11
    “Police strive to find the connection between the elusive leader of Niko’s prostitution ring and the butcher of La Villette who is still on the run.”
    “Police finally close in on Niko’s prostitution ring, but the butcher of La Villette is still evading custody. Will Berthaud manage to track him down?”

    tut tut, they missed a comma, are they not always supposed to be in pairs? Nonetheless, exciting, or what?!

    du na du nah…drum roll..will be pulling out all the phones, rolling up carpet and wedging it under the door, turning off mobiles, putting up newsaper @ the window…ok, not really, have no carpet…

Spiral 3 Episodes 9&10:Random chat vs. Posters in forum &further discussion of Noggin the Nog May 6th 2011

  • @Nounours &MsDaisyD:
    Thank you very much, merci beaucoup, for the Bday wishes!
    @Nounors yes, have some lovely prezzies including a Miss Kitty & a Fountain pen set & a Moleskin notebook, now i am a true Guardianite…
    i must have seen too many murder mysteries to notice that miss Kitty has no pants on..err
    nb.great name monsieur le blue snowman & picture tho it makes me think of Christmas already..
    re: this Noggin business, have looked at the website, cheers for that, @Honokuka, just don’t get it..maybe you have to watch it?
    Yes, where is Moomintroll indeed? surely Nog is not a patch on Moomintroll..even animated.
    nb. you can get a book of the drawings, as i received for a prezzie last Christmas and funily enough, gave too. However no Finn Family Moomintroll book..

Spiral 3 Episods 9&10:Everybody has to be nice to me today since it’s my birthday:6th May 20111

everybody has to be nice to me today since it’s my birthday!..
i have been reliably informed by a cowboy expert that i have been mis-writing Lee Van Clint, it should be Lee Van Cleef, he from The Good , The Bad & The Ugly. With the best cowboy theme music of all time by Morricone. Of course i could have pretended i was being doubly ironic (making a word play with dear dastardly Clint) and never mentioned my mistake..

‘nother nb. Forgot to mention in my portrayal of Roban as (Batman’s) Robin that he could so do tights, no sweat and still carry it off, hence is officially cool after all if not quite a cowboy..

@Nounors, i have been to Barcelona…nice Fawlty towers joke there!

thank you all as above very much for the info, will check out Noggin being as i am in favour of any show where nobody gets murdered:SWNGM for short.

Sounds slightly reminiscent of my beloved Moomin family from a way back when..

Spiral 3 Episodes 9&10:Random chat vs. posters on the forum &discussion of Noggins the Nog May 6th 2011 2:04am

  • 6 May 2011 2:04AM

    Mais oui, good call there, to bail out and vite..
    nb.” i must conserve my energy for Noggin”! hilarieuse..

    Hey thanks very much for that, makes sense & realise i have completely forgotten about the dog story, except that he was called Tarzan. No wonder then that the Mayor is so handy with cameras too?
    I think i remember now, they were in that seriously empty (blue) office and his wife was crying, then ‘fessed up to Roban.

    “the innocuous suddenly becomes the calamitous”

    Really like this description, seems to nail the essence of Spiral that i love, that in spite of everything it has this vein of farce& humour running through it. Especially physical comedy at which it exceeds i feel.
    Somebody right at the beginning here described the Police in Spiral as”Keystone Cops”. Yes, like in the 1st Car Chase scene!
    Yet this farce can have a much darker outcome too which is when it gets really interesting..

    i’m always kind to spiders in fact rescue them from certain doom..
    who on earth is Noggins the Nog?

Spiral 3 Episodes 9&10-Random chat vs. posters on forum May 4th 2011 5:05pm

  • nb.kooklamou is a bit girly but couldn’t remember the Greek for horse, it’s only meant to be in fun..can recite the whole Greek alphabet-useful!

  • clarissima

    4 May 2011 5:05PM

    That is So cool, it’s Greek to me tho, i wonder what it means?? I lived in Greece for many years and have seen all or most of the ancient sites, when i am supposed to be doing important stuff and am terminally distracted by this computer i find myself musing that the internet is indeed the modern equivalent of the Oracle @ Delphi..

    There, that was suitably Guardian, wasn’t it? You are c’est vrai, at risk of being un Guardianly in such comments, indeed Frecklist, as somebody who holds that particular genetic mutation which even has a numbered code! je must en y va,

    soon i will be free to roam and i will be giving myself some light relief from the plethora of murders which i am finding infinitely and cumulatively quite depressing really and will be discussing the merits, plots and indeed exciting sub-plots of The Only Way Is Essex!

Spiral 3 Episoes 9&10 Yassou Nounours:random chat vs. posters on the forum-4th May 2011

  • Yassou Nounours:
    brilliant avatar, eney polee oraya (phonetic Greek)
    actuallemente i had only seen JJLLP’s coment when i wrote that..mais you have a point i S’pose..
    mais oui, shame on me,(he he)

    i did actually stop myself from writing something that could be construed as sexist about our sociopath Josephine yesterday, keep getting these Guardian moments..

    in my defence i thought i kept it all quite clean in the spirit of (sexist)
    fun..i never mentioned underpants, Or Boxers even, or guns up certain places or the medical word that might be inherent in “getting to the bottom of this”! Keeping everybody metaphorically dressed..

    coming later, a descriptively hot scene, describing the sexual chemistry between a certain two characters in Spiral…
    Yasou Kooklamou