Spiral 3 Guradian Blog 9th April 2011 Episodes Three and Four

Damascene moment, first instincts were correct,eg.:
Spiral 3 is officially fantastic!
i thought it it was both hilarious and wonderful and creepy and dark and moody and film-noir and just plain funny tonight..i”m hooked:))

i’m going with my initial body language assessment of the ‘vibes’ Vs. Berthauld and Gilou which is that i could swear she fancies the proverbial pants off him. Where. woe is Berthauld, he be a bit of a Nethanderthal and has not a clue how she feels i propose? Is he married or with someone, i don’t know?

Gilou being more than gorgeous in a Gerard Depardieu hunky way..in fact most of the male cast is a seriously scenic sea of handsomeness. Almost like the cast of multiple perfume ads escaped from on set and went off for a beer and to put their old comfy T-shirts on!

Yes, it was truly awful the way they treated Ronaldo. Especially as all Police drama watchers know, it’s far too early for him to be the ‘one’ Well it did only just start.

However any outrage at this was more than somewhat tempered by my amusement at his name! Also, the hospital scene where Gilou & Berthauld turn up drunk. Unintentionally or not-i found it hilarious!

Ok, it was dark, however i still found it funny. I wonder if humour is it’s counterpoint to the ongoing horror? Even in the so called civilised law courts there is still dark dealings going on.

Must say my early liking of Lee Van Clint look-alike Roban is growing. Perhaps will forgive his seemingly prurient interest in the Video. Maybe he really was checking the under-age girl’s consent?

Roban does seem extremely serious about his job, as they all do..not withstanding drinking warm beer in the office-shock horror! I missed the opening the beer with his gun but Neathandral Gilou, i rest my case.. Have seen men open beer caps with their teeth, equally as daft and/or butch?

So in spite of his questionable behaviour over the video, Judge Roban did seem to me, like an Avenging Angel figure right from the start. The whole set up with his slightly sinister secretary is surely the ante-chamber to purgatory.?

Seemingly harsh with the grieving parents he is really hell bent on taking the whole dirty system behind their son’s death death down.

BTW best thing about Roban so far for me is how he gets each and every one he does ‘business’ with to sign something? What is that about?!

It’s never explained what these papers requiring signing are about. Unusually, it seems, there is a ‘paper’ for every one of Judge Roban’s encounters in his office! Few people asked even read the thing through before signing! The obviously psychopathic Mayor did.

Also like how the story of the dog in Judge Roban’s manslaughter is threaded through with the mention of a dog in Berthauld’s case.

Great cliche’ gap there by the way as in what other Police Drama, after having a shot would the Detective say “leave the bottle”. Well the occasional hard-boiled world weary man detective does, once in a blue moon…So Berthauld is getting her groove on, finally, even tho she has the wrong man.

nb. does anybody else feel like Ghostbusters might be arriving any minute due to the blue light problem?
The blue light bathing all does give it a lovely film-noir feel.whilst usefully supplying Gothic backdrop horror lighting at the drop of a hat This lighting also works in the Hospital and cell interrogation scenes with Berthauld and Gilou, giving a surreal and sinister air to Ronaldo’s internment.

Did anybody else find it shocking that Ronaldo appeared to be in the Hospital briefly and then walked up the Hospital corridor to a prison? Was the prison in the Hospital? It was confusing and a little rendition like..

Possibly it’s all meant to be a slightly cartoonish dark caricature whilst being ‘hard hitting and ‘gritty too? i’m quite liking the humour inherent in it-i think? i’m hooked, from here on in..

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