Spiral 3 Guardian Blog Episodes 7&8 April 25th 2011

  • With your ear for dialogue or was i right in hearing, in the scene you transcribe when Niko gets a call saying “Kill the Mexican” that call is from Vlad?

    Then Niko turns on Tani his partner in crime and accuses him of “telling Le Shark”?

    Tani (who i believe is plotting to kill Niko and ‘take over’ as described to her mate by one of the girls)
    strenuously denies this to Niko.

    So Le shark is the big bumbling and evil fake? Policeman who collects Mila from the station. So i must correct an earlier statement i made saying the Mayor could be Le Shark (could the Mayor be Vlad?)

    This conversation doesn’t really make sense other than Niko must have been accusing Tani of telling Vlad, not Le Shark, since surely Le Shark was at one point asked to help by Niko?

    Whichever, if Tani is telling the truth to Niko, then who did call Vlad?
    If there is a leak from Niko’s camp to Vlad then, who would be likely to have Vlad’s Number? We know that Head horrible girl Mila has Niko’s number however it seems unlikely any of them would have Vlad’s.

    Therefore there must be a leak in the Police leading to Vlad and or Le Shark? Or perhaps the mysterious Vlad just saw the News..

    One point, is Le Shark a real Policeman? If not, how on earth did he gain entry to the Station and custody of the young girl? Surely he would have to have shown I.D? Also, how did Le Shark know exactly which Police Station to turn up at? Since her escape was not publicised.

    A Guardian moment:
    Nb. in my light hearted description of Belmont as a giant grown up “slimmed down” Gnome i want to clarify i am in no way either describing either Gnomes and or Belmont as either fat or ugly…Belmont being rather more than gorgeous..

    Upon reflection Gnomes are just a bit padded out with those all weather clothes and on deeper consideration all look like Father Christmas, how deep is that? Would i say no to a Gnome if the unlikely occurrence arose? probably, on account of the disparity in size and way too much beard..However Belmont..

    agree completely with @Devongirl4 &@CharlieFarnesBarnes:
    About Gilou-
    he is more than magnificently magnetic, also kind and caring to working girls, homeless men and of course like a big brotherly Grandmaman figure to Laure, ahh..Still not sure if he loves her in a boy girl way?..

    Plus the whole getting your cap off your beer thing is fatally cowboy like isn’t it?

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