Spiral 3 Guardian Blog Episodes 7 &823rd April 2011

  • Random real time dialogue as it happened:(brackets denoting my thoughts and or scene setting) with a big nod to the maestro of this art form @Joodone , i hope you don’t mind, these lines just tickled me:

    Gilou to Laure:”that F-ed Bremont!”
    (She smirks)
    Gliou to Laure “You smell of sex”
    Laure “it was hot in there”!
    (Imaginary R Kelly sings, “it’s getting hot in here, let’s take off all our clothes)

    (who bears an uncanny resemblance to the real thing, surely not accidental-note the deliberate dwelling on and pause of shot on The Shroud that covered him when he died..plus it Is Easter, coincidence?)

    “I only cut up that guy because he upset me”!

    Roban knows Channel! and Chaumet (And the faithful and ever loving Marianne knows Prada)

    Roban: “Marianne, bring me Le Grand Envelope”…
    (you can tell this is Not going to be good)

    Belmont to Tintin (Tin Tin being surely the Judas Iscariot of the piece)
    “I know you are very attached to Laure, she is very stimulating”!

    Roban to Arnaud:
    (supposed to be his protege, ruins his world already and whatever beliefs in truth, fairness and justice and people he may have had)

    “Justice is a mugs game and a power struggle, the world is full of liars, traitor and cheats
    today i had the power”
    (err, ok, gone right off you now Roban after this carry on)

    Josephine to the Bank Manger on the phone:
    “You know what would be good for me? If you weren’t such a ‘coun'”!,

    (translated as Idiot, i don’t think so. One of my favourite French Movies is Le diner De Les Cons, however pretty sure it means exactly what it sounds like in idiopathic French)

    Laure top TinTin;”I hope they’re girls”
    (looks up and breaks out into an eventful smile the effect of which is like sunshine bursting out into a basement-how rarely does Laure smile we realise)

    The Gilou & Laure love? saga:
    (Gilou hears Laure phone Belmont in the loo-then sulks!)

    The Girls:
    (Mila is now officially scary, also incredibly beautiful, supermodel- like)
    one of the girls says sadly, sighing;

    “it’s like the hairdressing training they promised us”
    (from this i gather, as in the series Matrioski, is how the girls were falsely lured to the country)

    (Ronaldo comes looking for Niko, meets Mila. Ronaldo is looking Really intense)

    Arnaud meets The girl:
    (Who is stunningly beautiful and lives in a Red flat)
    She jumps on him, whilst really eerie music plays, is Arnaud the killer?)

    Laure to Gilou:
    “So, i use perfume, i must be shagging somebody?”

    The Girl, Mila, Escapes:
    (her mate does the sign of the Cross..)

    They Find The Lock-up:
    someone to Laure:
    “Shouldn’t you tell Roban?”
    TinTin appears after phoning Belmont:”there’s been a possible..”
    (surely his ‘Judas’ moment)

    They go in a long(long) corridor (surely a record in long /basement/dark/corridors..(Blood on the walls)

    someone to Laure:”Good enough for you”?
    Laure”Good enough for me”

    someone:”Christ!” (with hindsight, religious allusions abound)
    A whole surgery, cut up parts in jars..

    Gilou to Laure:
    “it’s Ceilia’s earing!”

    Laure:”Bastarde!” “I’ve got you, you Bastarde!”(breaks down, crying)

    The Girl, Mila Who Has Escaped-Runs For Her Life:Gets Away!
    Niko & Co:
    “The Police, they’ve got her, we’re both going down..”
    “The Police move in mysterious ways”..(more religious allusion)
    (Oh No..
    a horrible guy comes and gets her, it’s a Bad Guy.! it’s too, too cruel.)

    Laure to Belmont:
    “Excuse me, i might throw up, you saw my men on the sly, you blackmailed him and took my case. You are the lowest of the low”.

    Laure tells her team:”we’re going undercover to catch Niko”

    TinTin tells Laure”Belmont has it in for you, he really doesn’t like you”

    Chief:”It’s every man for himself and God for us all”!(famous quote?)

    Josephine to (now poor) Mr Zeppini:”You’re a free man, allez!”
    Him: “Shit”!

    Martin & The Boys/Mayor:
    (look at the film-is it Niko&The Girls or the Mayor, who looks a lot like Niko?)

    The Woman Gives Arnaud The Envelope

    Arnaud’s woman dissapears..#4..

    Roban shouts at Arnaud(nasty)

    Woman:”My Husband has a safe..”

    Roban puts it in the safe(the important envelope?)

    Roban goes to meet his love in the park, or rather, she appears..
    “Elisabeth, you have a new haircut”!

    Elisabeth(about Roban’s Maman ‘s death)
    “Why didn’t you tell me?”
    “I want to carry on Francois, (Arnaud) He’ll get over it”.
    “The people i love all turn their backs on me, i couldn’t bear it if you did”..(collapses, crying, into her arms..)
    hmm..in hindsight:
    In a Park=Garden of Gethsemane? crying, “they all turn their backs”?

    Pierre & The Kid Dylan:
    have dinner, Dylan looks like his son. The kid thinks he has to sleep with Pierre, it’s obvious and all a bit ‘icky’..

    Niko & His Partner
    Doing weights in the cellar, with Mila, chained up and handcuffed to the floor, dead?
    You realise that his partner is going to kill Niko

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