Spiral 3 Guardian Blog episodes 7 & 8 28th April 2011

  • as he says, this is the Guardian and it’s fair surely to compare and contrast different things in a discussion. You find this request on an essay question in English literature.
    Your scene with Ronaldo, his innocent smoothie (which i saw as blood) with “the horse laughing outside, in French”!
    formidable and vraimant dark, the idea & image of horse laughing in French still amuses me when it isn’t being seriously sinisterly scary..
    You say Gilou “la tuent” Laure, moi, ‘m not full convinced. Not in That way i feel.

    @all if Gilou Really loved our la Laure he wouldn’t let her take the fall for the shooting. He knows Belmont is on to her, indeed saw him break up with her most likely over it. Laure said:
    ” he”ll know i broke the seal”!
    I’m having second thoughts about Gilou-he is not being a Gentleman..
    Why should Laure bite the bullet?.

    Nb. not sure there really is a plural of “safes” as i wrote earlier..

  • clarissima

    28 April 2011 1:15AM

    oops wrong French there “tuent” i think means to kill!..

    no worries, i probably really wouldn’t have wanted to know, yet..
    I’m not really down on Arnaud, never was, not sure why everyone thinks he’s slimy He seemed quite innocent and true of heart in his encounter.

    Roban is Werthers Ad gone to the dark side..(this is only Wertherist) mind you Mrs. Courcelles was strangely Stepford Wives about it all..

    Roban’s gulp, snogging scene:
    thank you ,whoever reminded me of this, i had blanked it out of my memory in sheer trauma or reflexive defence.

    Not due to it being Roban, for me snogging on film whatever the age, youth or handsomeness involved looks supremely unsexy so can never understand why they show it. They must think it is sexy.
    Guess it has some brief emotional resonance if you’ve been hoping for them to get together.

    However Roban’s session went on far too excruciatingly long..
    Their quadruple lips were seemingly struggling for supremacy like giant slugs vapor locked with each other whilst attempting some variant form of vacuum packing. On LSD..

  • clarissima

    28 April 2011 12:41PM

    must stop looking, my avatar still hasn’t changed, it has to be moderated you know…it’s So exciting
    Dear Moderators, elle est tres belle, ne c’est pas?

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