Spiral 3 Guardian Blog Episodes 7 &8 24th April 2011

  • Hey, no problem, considering my usual stubborness that was quite a peace pipe process wasn’t it? You had made some good and enlightening points i felt.

    Your comment about looking for a commentator named Vestgate made me laugh!

    I would like to amend my comments regarding your elucidation of the usual types of”sympathetic/trooper” type of woman detective: they are not striclty speaking “misogynistic” in themselves, just a stereotype i would say on reflection. A gender stereotype yes but not exactly hateful, non?

    Brilliant description of Machard, from a fellow addictee of alliteration and playing around with words.(not that you are necessarily addicted as i am).I agree it is unfair that men obviously do not get judged on what they wear and this is in itself sexist.

    @ Jamie12 &@ all:
    I have proposed a whole new funky outfit for Laure(see end previous blog) which included a leather coat a’ la Shaft-So i am quite pleased that this week she has taken my advice and adopted a cute (but not yet fully cool) leather jacket ensemble. However i have to admit i believe she was wearing that before at some point..

    Must say i am bemused that anybody, especially women and tut tut, Guardian readers(?!) have so much to say on Laure’s clothes in the first place. I have had fun creating her new style but the truth is i barely notice what people wear, at all.
    What on earth does it have to do with anything?

    I could tell you that Tin Tin has a lovely deep blue shirt which he seems to wear all the time only because i particularly like that colour. All the men in fact seem to wear pretty much the same thing, all the time, i would be hard put to describe what they wear..

    Gilou is just made for T-shirts by the way..And jeans….(lapses into delightful reverie concerning Gilou in jeans) and what is this? i swear he has blow-dried his hair this week!. Gilou, you’ve been to the women’s hairdressers, haven’t you?!

    appropo of nothing Gilou started to take on a Mrs Doubtfire persona for me this week! looking after Laure so solicitiously, ahhh.. there is something of the female drag about him i swear, he is like a big, kindly fussy, funny Grandmaman..a Ya Ya as they say in some countries..

    He was like her bezzie mate in the women’s loos with her wasn’t he? he would have held back her hair for her if she felt sick no doubt, but Mon dieu, did she never stop crying?!

    @JJll39 &@Pichard
    Thank you guys (or girl) very much for that, looks like i didn’t miss as much as i thought. How hilarious was that scenario by the way? Ahh, the old, “No, i don’t know who you mean?” trick from the person now living at the flat he was only at just yesterday.”!
    the Mysterioso Number 4..shades of so many other films, including the eerie 13 and a 1/3 floor of Being John Malkovitch?.

    Thank you for that, completely forgot about the existence of ‘Le’.
    It may have been due to imbibing a necessarily French Chardonnay, from the very sunnily sounding Le Village De Sud, with a funny typically French line drawing of ‘Claude, Le Cyclist’ on it, upon closer examination with some uncomfortably tight looking lycra shorts)

    i just liked the sound and the look of La, sounding more jolly somehow..
    i just mess around with words for fun and hereby claim poetic license..

    To those who said it, i too, have my doubts about “Le sexi Mex”‘s guilt, it all seemed too pat somehow. Do we really know the lock-up belonged to him, was it not only on the word of the mysteriously scarfed ‘Le Poulard’? I wonder about him..Could he be the killer in diguise? Could he be Roanldo’s (rapist) Dad? and what about the Ronaldo look alike at the canal?

    I do wonder yet if the killer may turn out to be a ‘suit’ someone we think is ‘normal’ which would be Even scarier, of course..like the evil eyed Mayor? who sees scarily familiar with the concept of producing porn and blackmailing people.. i actually thought that film was involving some of Niko’s lot for a moment. Could the Mayor be the eponymous Le Shark?

    Could the theme of twins be important? Or the theme of family throughout the show? Ronaldo just doesn’t seem old enough or focused enough (despite the extremely stary eyes and steely glared demeanour, ham or jambon or what? it seemed a bit over the top) .

    It seems to me to be the work of an older man. Is the next two episodes the last? in which case maybe it is too late for another killer to be revealed?

    Your description of Ronaldo and the nutella jars made me laugh!

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