Spiral 3 Episodes 7 & 8 30th April 2011

  • Ah good, glad you’re out, considering that was the bunkers to end all bunkers..
    re: Roban’s snogfest:
    guessing you’re a romantic sort? moi aussi, however surely it’s only in Mills & Boon that a kiss sends electric shivers up and down your spine and the world explodes whilst bolts of lightening strike your heart in two, sent from the blue?..unless:

    a) the world really IS exploding or

    b) you have both unluckily been struck by lightening and even unluckier aren’t wearing rubber soled shoes…

    Yes, Monsieur Le Juge, i started off liking him (though not in an unjudicial way!) He fell pretty promptly from his pedestal with his sexist treatment of Madame for me. Not to mention it being pretty low down & dirty and not very cool or smooth of him at all. Picking on the Mayor’s wife to get to the Mayor..mind you she was surprisingly subservient was she not? I expected her to:

    a) deliver a satisfyingly resounding slap or:

    b) Play the wild card by haughtily disrobing herself whilst fixing him with a steely glare (hopefully with her best La Senza on). Throwing the lot on his desk majestically & walking out so attired into the corridor with chin and head held high. Half way out of the door she casts a scornful glance over her shoulder whilst delivering this line:

    “I’ll send you the shoes”!(That’s what Sophia Loren would have done)

    “Shakespeare’s bottled spider”? love the phrase but unfamiliar with it? great description of Le Juge indeed!

  • Oh good, i’m glad. It still makes me laugh, however, only you and i apparently!..
    i spent some time pondering whether dear David would have said “Creature” or “Primate”. I really wanted to put
    “she accepts that the other creature won’t kill her”! “
    sadly i concluded that His Attenboroughness would have been correct and stuck only to “primate”…

    Whether you are a bad person, mais non, you just prefer bunkers.
    Who is to say that the giant spectacle of gilded gold, cantering horses looking like they’d been given a quick line to sniff before off with one falling down with the horrors, not to mention the proud panoply of The Most Ridiculous Headgear Ever Seen was not horrific?!

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