Spiral 3 Episodes 7 & 8 29th April 2011

  • hilarieuse!
    Clarissima Catwoman isn’t…je on y va au ma travaille…

    @ All
    Agree with your point above, i cannot believe Spiral takes itself seriously!

    i never have, looking on it as a kind of French farce. Regarding the characters and their motivations and whether it is a real who dunnit or not and as he said, the whole good guys/bad guys thing and who wins, i’m not really seeing it like that or any way in particular. It always seemed to me to require a gargantuan pinch of salt.

    I keep an open mind and personally am really enjoying it in every way (apart from the de rigeur gore). I like that i am emotionally detached form the characters, it doesn’t matter whether i like them or not!.

    I needed a break from the infamous Killing as it was so heavy and emotional and you were sucked into the character’s lives and identifying with them. With all the full horror that entailed. I like that this, to me, is(mostly) fun.

    Surely it is in the long line of traditional French farce? ok with added grit and gore, in fact a whole skip load of grit, the roads of Paris will never ice up..and are metaphorically slippery with blood.

    nb. when i refuse to believe Ronaldo did it i am not entirely serious, but i like to play around with the possibilities just for fun as that is what it seems to offer.

    The other thing is that it is in actuality one of those rare shows peopled pretty much by men. Which i like as it is unusual. Yes, we have Laure and Josephine however they are part of the male system.

    We have Josephine who has decided to act like a man with Laure pretty unsuccessfully failing in this man’s world by acting like a bit of a soppy woman (sorry mes soeurs).

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