Spiral 3 Episodes 7 & 8 29th April 2011

  • yes, Denim aftershave or peut etre, Old Spice….

    this may make you laugh:
    Roban’s Snogging Session as Intoned in a Hushed Sing Song Voice
    by David Attenborough:

    Now, the mating ritual of the kiss: the male primate has moved in closer and closer, to the female.. Carefully and almost imperceptibly, so as not to frighten her away, back to her habitat where there could be highly prized chocolate… He must move fast, hesitate, and it might be too late.. The female, sensing his ambivalent movement, prepares herself, if willing, for the lip sucking ritual to begin.. Her pupils dilate, she tilts or lowers her head back, exposing her fleshy neck, a sign of trust.. She moves her mouth upward in readiness and half closes her eyes. She has confirmed by this she accepts that the other primate will not kill her.. The male primate pounces, lips squelch, the mating ritual has begun..

  • clarissima

    29 April 2011 2:25AM

    True dat, stressing them like metal, to see where they will bend or crack
    or perhaps go Spiral?
    i love Arthouse films, but oui, they can be dull. Guess having something beautiful to look at makes up for it somewhat. My eyes lap up Spiral like Lawrence getting his beer at the end of the desert.

    Apart from the gloopy orange perma lamp lit USA shows there really isn’t much art in anything. Tango land whilst unusual at first and quite breathtaking, became: wish they would just turn the lights on, just once.

    The thing i probably dislike most about USA shows which i can forgive most things yet not the dread infection, incipient and spreading, of the language known as psycho babble.

    Apart from the recognisable practical phrases necessary to get their job done the rest of the time in US shows they might as well be talking in Esperanto..i mean what the hell are they saying?!

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