Spiral 3 Episodes 7 & 24th April 2011

  • Bremont is officially hot. He could once have been a twinkly slightly maelevolent gnome who slimmed down and grew tall. For the life of me i can only think he wears some sort of suit.

    However his stomach status can be found writ large in
    The Book of Washboards to the power of 6:
    which sayeth here lies a 16 pack stomach which is a rarely seen anomaly in the envelope of the universe knowest as earth and is herein named a 6 pack to infinity….

    I too thought there was real romance there, although Laure did go alarmingly pop eyed and slightly manic. I wasn’t sure at first if this was her ‘game on face’ and she was just playing him.

    However as it progressed i felt that they had real feelings for each other and it became a whole mini love story within the rest. Ahh..
    But doomed, of course, in an almost Shakespearean tragic way..

    Yes, i too wanted them to get together since he made her so very happy.. Did anybody else notice that Laure seemed to grow small sideburns and turn into a young Victorian Gentleman at some point when they were getting it on and you were playing spot who is with who exactly? A game that ran throughout the episodes..

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