Guardian Blog-Spiral 3 Episodes 5 & 6 Monday 18th April 2011

  • i’m finding Spiral to be wicked, wild and wonderful to watch. As a thing of beauty when it morphs into incredible film bleau and reminds you it is an Arthouse film.

    Then the spoken Parisien is distracting. Since it’s familiar i find my self mentally comparing it to the sub-titles, a distraction i could do without. I would say it is pretty bang on though. The furthest it has slipped this week was Berthauld declaring “C’est Impossibble” and the titles reading “this isn’t happening”.

    Lovely to hear “tien” from Tin Tint to Berthauld, when he takes her Dictaphone in the blue lit dungeon place she appears to be in on finding about the sister’s death. Whenever Les Flics go out, they seem to end up in some dungeon place don’t they?
    In fact whenever things go a bit downhill for Berthauld, cue the blue light..

    Also Roban& the devilishly dashing Pierre (well in his Barrister gear) gets the film bleau treatment. plus the funeral scene, bathed in blue,-how usually surreal is everything surrounding Roban? It did seem an oddly cheerful affair i felt, the funeral.

    My immediate thought on hearing that Maman had died was that the brother had killed her a’ la the old pillow trick. The brother just looks shady, i think he’s ‘good ‘ for it. He is decidedly crumpled and crestfallen but i think all that is just his ‘poor me, don’t tell on me’ demeanour for his Bro, Roban. Luckily Roban is on to him..

    Nb. Who was the mysterious and beautiful lady that Berthaud meets in the corridor meets and does yet another deal (amongst all the other deals in these two episodes) The lady appears later as some kind of Judge or Magistrate?

    Part of my brain is delighting in hearing French, another part following the labarynthine plots, another just plain laughing, because Spiral is quite often je propose even a proportionally high amount of the time, hilarious.

    The follow the car scene in the streets of Paris was fabulous cinema, almost laugh out loud.. I couldn’t believe they were doing it and taking it so seriously They appeared to have a mini-swat team on call and a mysterious hitherto unseen big beardy man called Nounours, with a sight-scope appeared, as part of the ‘gang’, on call, it was like the FBI.

    Except for Nounours was driving the tiniest car.. They were just following Carlsson’s car, from the courts,that was it.

    Nounours:”They’re in the cafe’!”
    Berthauld actually says “there’s something fishy going on”!
    The same for the woefullly inept sting in the bar with the ever increasingly really bad criminal, Roban.

    Roban, Roban, what have you done? You have so let me down, you’re not cool anymore..

    However Roban i nominate as the funniest of all the career and less official Les Flic criminals in Spiral tonight. His fake burglary scene was pure joy.
    Boo nasty Arnaud though, like a purse lipped school prefect, telling on forever school boyish Roban.

    What is Arnaud’s problem with Roban anyway? People here say he has a great pad and since even Clint Eastwood can mess around and still be the coolest cowboy in town i may forgive Roban his Chaplinesque goings on.

    Poor Roban was like a love sick puppy, pining over the pouting yet steely Amelie..Sticking up for her son, overprotective son or proprietorial? Hmmm,don’t tell me not another one..

    Tonight it was blackmail night, everybody was threatening somebody. Well if Berthauld believes it’s Ronaldo then that’s good enough for me, for now. I was on Ronaldo’s side until he went all evil eyed and grabbed Carlsson’s hand in the prison.

    Ronaldo ‘switched’ for sure. He did the stary serial killer or at the very least psychotic stare intermittently thereafter. He seemed to reserve the death ray glare especially for Berthauld, preferably whilst just turning a corner and glancing backwards, malevolently over his shoulder, red carpet style..

    Whether he is the killer i am not 100% sure, it does seem likely that the third murder was done by a different person, the carefulness of the procedures err, the methodical nature of treatment of the other girls and the lack of wrapping and the important knots were all missing. However there is the scalpel burn..

    i award myself cinqante pointes for spotting the Salvador Dali.
    Sweet how they translated it as “a reproduction of Salvador Dali” as it was fairly obvious it wasn’t the original painting and was a scrap taped up on the much questioned “wood” wardrobe.

    Good point from somebody about the furniture restoration workshop. It would seem to be a possible link.

    What’s going on with the previously buttoned up and ironed and perenially tut tutting Tin Tin? Suddenly his shirt is perilously unbuttoned, not just one button, but two!

    Tin Tin is now medallion man, without medallion. Plus he has proper groovy chest hair. In fact there a proliferation of manly chest hair about, not like i was looking or anything..As befitting the man Gang to which Berthauld, their leader, belongs..

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