• hey, thank you for that, i remember now him saying about the phone tapping. Does the standard of Policing shown so far indicate any likely highly organised phone tapping Investigations tho? Hardly..

    i reckon the Station Policeman didn’t ask him for I.D, not that we saw. Maybe Le Shark was so good he carried it off(well the Station guy would presume his knowledge about the girl to mean that he Was the Police). Or as you say, is a real Policeman, too truly terrible, Non?

    Isn’t there like a Trafficking or Vice Department that Laure & Co would have liaised with by now? Wonder when they will twig if ever, about Elena’s brief sojourn at and disappearance from, the station?

    Were you urging her vocally:
    “come on Girl, run, run”!?
    (heart beating more than somewhat)
    i was..
    That was SO harsh, a near miraculously lucky escape to have come across a police car by utter chance and THEN…
    i was also urging her:
    “Don’t get in the car!”

    Very funny indeed your mate’s description of Gilou as “A MOnitor Lizard”!
    i suppose there is something of a lizard about Gilou, being that he has a big face and a proportionally large-ish chin i guess but what is a Monitor Lizard when it’s at home?!

    He’s still a big hunkathon though. For me he has an endearing drag aspect to him, think Hinge & Bracket..He could well have a handbag which he would conjure out of nowhere, it would be a big old-fashioned and capacious one, opening with a clasp and from within it’s depths he would flourish a hankerchief for Laure to blow her ever snivelling nose on..

    Nb. What does your mate think of my theory that Gilou blow dries his hair? A bit unusual for a French Les Flic..or maybe the wardrobe department, exasperated by his refusal to change his jeans or T-Shirt (“i’ve only worn them a few weeks!”) took their revenge by bundling him over, protesting loudly, to the Hair Stylists!…

    Seriously, Gilou is for me, Mrs. Doubtfire meets (Gerard) Depardieu..
    Now if he could cook…=”agousto perfecto!”

  • Thank you very much guys/girl, very specific information there..Yes, i may be hoping in vain for a connection with somneone we have seen..

    Does seem from what you say if the language was unidentifiable, he was not necessarily French although of course could be bi-lingual. or tri…

    You would expect as these sort of Dramas usually go, that Vlad would be of the same Nationality and they are all linked ‘from way back when/or from the home country/same village etc.’ ‘ but with Spiral we can never assume..

  • Very interesting idea that Vlad could be Mr Big at the prison, it’s surely a possibility?
    It would certainly be to their benefit to have someone either within the Legal system. Literally within it as in prison would still be useful. or within the Police.

    @Igloo’ for Gilou very funny..i agree about T-Shirts and jeans, however there is a strange law of physics that says some guys are made for suits and look terrible in T-shirts (especially if they iron them including the sleeves-quelle horreure) and some guys just were created for jeans and old T-shirts..Gilou being a prime example..

    I like a guy in a suit or a T-shirt, specially Soul Suit style, now Belmont certainly carries off a suit, ne c’est pas? I feel i am being too terribly sexist dwelling on all this, i may receive a Guardian administered shock emanating from the keyboard soon whilst offending all or some of the men here..

    Sorry guys, not used to being sexist but it’s kind of fun and some retribution for all the allusions however delicate towards the various female characters..”Harpsichords huh, fingering”? uhuh…

    Yes, i too, hoped for Laure to find love with Belmont preferably, no bad thing that they argue as all watchers of romantic dramas can attest. This is often the marker for ‘true love’..First they hate each other, argue, stomp off.. Then there is the required numerous misunderstandings and then, hopefully, reconciliation.

    @James Donaghy predicted on here for us romantics, that they “may well get back together when this case is closed” so there is hope for a fairy tale happy ending yet…perhaps

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